Take a Boating Skills Course

Many years ago, a law was passed in Canada requiring that operators of powered recreational boats have a basic level of boating knowledge. Providers developed courses and tests and a proof of competency “card” was issued to those who successfully completed the test.

Called the Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card or PCOC, it is a first step towards acquiring the skills and know-how to safely operate a motorized vessel in Canadian waters.

However, keep in mind that the PCOC is just a first step in boating education. This ‘legal minimum’ doesn’t even cover non-motorized craft such as sail, canoes, kayaks or even any passengers in any boats. To truly enjoy the boating experience, all boaters need boating safety education.

The Canadian Safe Boating Council wants every boater to be as safe as possible on the water. The more knowledge you have, the safer you and your family are.

The PCOC is a great first step but don’t stop there. Organizations like the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, local sailing schools and paddling organizations offer boating courses. Give them a call or look them up on the internet at www.boatingcourses.ca

The more knowledge you have, the more enjoyable boating becomes.

-Courtesy of the Canadian Safe Boating Council


Instructor_Dave Jackson

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