Welcome Aboard!

Follow the cruising adventures of a Birman Cat, Pawcific Purrsea on the Pacific West Coast!

Pawcific Purrsea

“Meowee, Meowee baby! Won’t you let me take you on a …sea cruise?”  My new blog is now officially launched. In a few short weeks we will be on holidays cruising around the Pacific west coast on board our 42ft California Navigator LRC named Minstrel. I can hardly wait! We will be traveling with many of our human friends from the Port Moody Power & Sail Squadron. I’d love to show you all the pawsome places we’ll be exploring. Here are a few pictures from our last weekend out, getting our sea legs ready.


I like to sit on the bow of the boat and scan for sea food.IMG_3329

Or I like to sit on top of the ice maker.


This is my bed…best bed ever!


You may have noticed a rather sleepy looking kitty below me to the left. It’s a very lifelike replica of  a famous cat named…

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