Rideau Canal locks to reopen at noon

Ottawa Citizen

All Rideau Canal lockstations are to reopen at noon Friday after most of the system was closed earlier this week due to high waters.

With regular water levels restored, Parks Canada says it’s safe to open the lockstations that it closed on Monday.

And, as a courtesy for the patience of canal users, Parks Canada says it’s extending Friday’s hours of operation until 6 p.m.

But there’s still a warning.

“Anyone using the Rideau Canal this early in the season should be aware that floating debris may cause potential hazards,” Parks Canada said on its website. “As well, navigation aids may be missing, displaced or partially submerged.”

Excessive runoff, heavy rains and a late snow melt were all blamed for the high water levels in the canal system.

The closed lockstations were: Hogs Back, Black Rapids, Long Island, Burritts Rapids, Lower Nicholsons, Upper Nicholsons, Clowes, Merrickville, Kilmarnock, Edmonds, Old Slys, Smiths Falls Combined &…

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