Digital Government Publications for Boaters

Load up your tablet with these free publications from the Government of Canada.

Safe Boating Guide – PDF:

Guide de sécurité nautique – PDF:

Boat Notes – Your Guide to Boating Safety – PDF:

Carnet de bord – Cap sur la sécurité nautique – PDF:

Chart 1: Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms – PDF:

CARTE N° 1 : Signes conventionnels, abréviations et termes – PDF:

Other CHS Publications:

Publications du SHC:

The Canadian Aids to Navigation System 2011 – PDF

Le système canadien d’aides à la navigation 2011 – PDF

Notices to Mariners (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Avis aux navigateurs (disponible 24 heures par jour, 7 jours semaine)

Environment Canada Publications – PDFs

Publications d’Environnement Canada – PDFs

RBR-2 – Technical Requirements for the Operation of Mobile Stations in the Maritime Service

IPR-2 – Exigences techniques pour l’exploitation des stations mobiles dans le service maritime

Small Vessel Regulations

Règlement sur les petits bâtiments

Collision Regulations,_c._1416/

Règlement sur les abordages

Clean Boater Handbook

Green Boating Guide

Want to learn more about, tides, currents, charts, weather, maritime radio and boating safety? Register for a CPS-ECP Boating Course near you:

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