Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons/Escadrilles canadiennes de plaisance is 75 years old – Happy Anniversary, CPS-ECP!

CPS-ECP is recognized as the largest organization of its kind in the world, the foremost educational boating authority in Canada, a consultant with Canadian Coast Guard, and an advisor of aids to navigation for the Canadian Hydrographic Service.

In 1938, three members of the Windsor Yacht Club crossed the Ambassador Bridge into Detroit, Michigan.  Under the direction of the Detroit Power Squadron, Fred Dane, George Ruel, and G. William Bowman passed the United States Power Squadron’s Junior Piloting Course.  They soon formed the first Squadron in Canada, Windsor Power Squadron, with

G. William Bowman as its first Commander.  He later became the first Chief Commander of Canadian Power Squadrons, the organization that later became known as Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons/Escadrilles canadiennes de plaisance, or CPS-ECP, with over 26,000 members in 155 squadrons across Canada.

CPS-ECP’s mandate is to increase awareness and knowledge of safe boating by educating and training members and the general public, by fostering fellowship among members, and by establishing partnerships and alliances with organizations and agencies interested in boating.  To this end, many local law enforcement agencies and municipal authorities consult CPS-ECP on matters of training and navigational hazards.  Training has been given by CPS-ECP’s members across Canada to such organizations as the Boy Scouts, Sea Cadets, and law enforcement agencies, to name but a few.  Whenever requested, our members are available to teach, lecture, or advise on boating safety.

To celebrate this milestone, CPS-ECP has several activities planned throughout the year, beginning with the launch at the Toronto International Boat Show January 12-23, 2013 where visitors can participate in the games and contests in CPS-ECP’s Midway.

With planned participation of various levels of government officials, the celebrations will culminate at the CPS-ECP National Conference in Toronto October 2013.

Check out our history, awards, and events as we mark the occasion by visiting our website at or by contacting:

Walter Kowalchuk, Executive Director

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons/Escadrilles canadiennes de plaisance

National Headquarters

Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons
26 Golden Gate Court
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M1P 3A5

Phone: (416) 293-2438 or 1-888-CPS-BOAT (277-2628)

Fax: (416) 293-2445

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